Massage Therapy

I have specialized in a wide variety of massage and energy work modalities in my practice for over 10 years such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Cupping, Prenatal, Reiki Energy, Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditations. I work with you and your body in order to find peace and comfort in your body and mind. During your session I will guide you through a guided meditation to relax your body and ease your senses.  I will contour your massage to your bodies wants and needs. With the addition of soothing music and pleasant aromas you will be transformed into a more relaxed and soothing experience. I also offer and teach you techniques to take home that are specifically contoured to your needs for your own health, wellness and vitality.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is an all encompassing term that includes many different modalities, techniques and belief systems. When woking with energy it is important to remember that we are always in control of our own energy bodies and how things manifest in our lives. However at times we often feel out of control and our energy scattered and strained. Through practice and 1-on-1 sessions with Liana she can help you clean, clear and take back control of your own energy body and teach you techniques that will help you regain your power, vitality and energetic strength.


Reiki is a beautiful and powerful ancient Japanese energy healing modality. During our session we will discuss your current circumstances, what you are desiring in your life and any intensions you would like to set. I will assess your energy field and do any chakra and aura clearing that needs to be done. I will assist you in clearing your energy body and bring your consciousness to a more open and relaxed state.

Reiki translates to Rei - Universal Life and Qi or Ki - Force or Energy.  So Reiki literally translates to Universal Life Force Energy.  When receiving Reiki or energy work it is often equated to deeply relaxing and coming to a state of peace, contentment or pure bliss. A healing and warming of the self and soul. When you leave the treatment space you will feel a sense of release and deep relaxation.

Professional Organizing

We all have things that we need to clean and clear in our physical space as well as our energetic space to help make room for more love, openness, opportunities and fulfillment. Sometimes it can be hard doing these things on our own and letting go so I have created a program specifically tailored to each client to create a home and life that they love and enjoy without clutter and chaos. Through clearing physical space and opening up your home it allows the energy of the house to also open up, clear out and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. There are many benefits to organizing your home and life, such as, openness and brightness of physical space and energy, clarity of mind, increased creativity and best of all a beautiful clean home!

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