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These are the 5 Signs to Look for When You Need an Energy Reset

When you start noticing these triggers, it's time to take a step back and reset yourself.

I don't have to tell you how stressful life can be. We all know what stress looks and feels like. There's no question that theres a multitude of things in our lives and our world that feel out of sorts, that it's hard to keep track of every tiny detail. We find ourselves feeling lost, tired, sore, burnt-out and alone. Who do we turn to in these times of need? Some choose God, others go to therapy, some choose substances, some dump on family and friends and others just hold it all in until it comes seeping out their pores (literally). No matter what method we choose, we all experience these feelings and its knowing how to manage these emotions when they arise is the key.

What are the signs to look for when you need an Energy Reset? And what does that even mean?

An Energy Reset is necessary when you have reached a point of stress and anxiety that you're not able to relax, take a full deep breath or sleep without the constant thoughts spinning in the background. Everything that you normally do to relax feel as though its not working. What used to calm you down now only works sparingly or stresses you out even more because you're not able to relax and that's even more stressful!

An Energy Reset is where you finally acknowledge that you can't do this alone and you need some guidance. Similar to getting a massage, or going to the chiropractor, an energy reset will help your body and mind relax with an added element. When you work with an Energy Practitioner or Reiki Master you are working on a deeper level of your consciousness and energy body. When you get a massage you experience physical release, decreased tension in your body and some time to yourself. When you receive Energy work you feel a deep sense of calm, emotional release and freedom. Combine those together and you leave feeling as though you're walking on water!

(please note I am not stating Energy Healer - as NO ONE but yourself can heal you fully!)

So let's get down to the Nitty Gritty. What are the signs and symptoms to look for when it's time for an Energy Reset?

1. You're Struggling to Sleep and having Weird Dreams.

When you start to notice that you are not getting restful sleep, waking up throughout the night, feeling sore when you rise or having weird vivid dreams, it might be time for an Energy Reset. When we don't get restful sleep, our everyday life gets off track and we feel muddled. Sleep is imperative to a healthy body and mind. When we don't sleep well and we wake up feeling groggy, irritated or sore those are very important triggers to look out for when it's time for an Energy Reset.

Our dreams can be confusing and sometimes stressful if you're a very vivid dreamer like I am. When we start having more dreams that feel stressful, like you can't find something or someone is chasing you, thats a pretty big red flag that something is off! When we wake from our weird dreams that can sometimes carry with us throughout the day and put a cloud over us that we can't quite put our finger on. Dreams are portals into our deeper selves. When they feel stressful or urgent, that should be a big wake up call to take action.

2. You're Constantly Stressed and your Anxiety is Persistent.

When we go through stressful situations in life, it is anxiety producing, stress clenching and emotional overwhelm. Our whole bodies are affected and everything from our muscles, to our skin, to our internal organs and brain chemistry are compromised. But what also happens is our emotional and spiritual body is effected as well. We have cords of attachment to people, generational traumas and core beliefs that no longer serve us that we need to break down in order to unlock and understand our true self. We were never really taught how to deal with stress and anxiety when we were growing up because let's be real, we're all human and we all have our moments of weakness and communicating our feelings is hard!! But that doesn't mean we are bad, mean or unemotionally intelligent. It just means that we are all learning how to manage our emotions and process parts of our lives as we grow and evolve as individuals and as a society.

However when we start to feel like stress and anxiety have become part of our everyday life that needs to be a big red flag that something is not right. Something needs to be addressed and we need an Energy Reset.

3. Your Frustration and Anger are more frequent than usual.

It's easy to get angry and frustrated when life hands you lemons and you just want a cup of coffee. It's also easy to snap at the people we love when we're stressed and irritated because they are the closest outlet around and we know they will always accept and love us (even if we're being a butt-head).

When anger and frustration become your new normal and it shows up in your household and relationships and doesn't go away thats a big indicator that something inside of you needs to be released and communicated. It's hard to be vulnerable and let your guard down when we're in a place of distress but it is also the thing we need to most. It's important to remember that even when we are in a dark place there are people in your life who truly love you and want to be there for you and understand what you're going through so they can support you however you need. As Im writing this all out, its sounds so easy. Like, sure why don't I just go around and share all my deepest darkest feelings Ive ever had and assume everyone will accept me and everything will go back to normal even though Im afraid of the demon thats about to come out but everything will be hunky-dory! HA! To be clear, Im not insinuating this at all. I am merely stating that is it IMPERATIVE to communicate what you're going through, let go and release these feelings of frustration and anger in a healthy way so we can clearly see whats under those emotions.

Anger and sadness are just our 'blanket' emotions. There's always something else hiding under those covers. The hard part is pulling back the blanket to uncover the true emotions. An Energy Reset is extremely helpful in these circumstances as an Energy Practitioner can help remove and release emotions that aren't even yours to help create clarity in your true self.

4. Your Body feels Restricted around your Head and Chest.

When we go about our day to day lives, we don't always notice how tight we really are. So we keep working and going about our days, which turn into weeks, which turns into months and then we start feeling really sore and tired and can't figure out why. Working at a desk, doing manual labor, teaching kids, sitting in meetings, whatever it is that you do is hard on your body. Every body needs a break. So why do we so often push that type of self care to side? Massage or hot tub anyone?!

When it starts becoming a serious problem is when we start feeling tension in our chest and the top of our head that won't release even with a deep breath, a good nights sleep or even a great massage. The restrictive feeling is constant and nothing you seem to do helps move the energy. Please note that if you are feeling anything physical or painful in your chest and are concerned about a serious health problem consult your doctor. Never put your healthcare to the side if you are noticing signs of a stroke, heart attack, etc.

What Im specifically referring to is the feeling of static energy that is 'stuck' to your energy body and won't let go. When we feel these restrictive contractions around our heads and hearts that is a good indication that something needs to be released and removed for new energy to breakthrough and refresh us. An Energy Practitioner has the tools and resources to help you remove these blockages.

5. Something Inside You is telling you to Seek Guidance.

Sometimes our inner voice has a lot to say. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But when there is an overwhelming feeling you get that says you just can't do this alone and need some guidance, listen to that voice. We innately know what we need to heal ourselves, we just have to be willing to listen! We were taught not to trust those gut feelings and that voices in our heads were a sign of mental illness. Well Im here to tell you, that intuition and gut feelings, are what have kept the human race alive and thriving for as long as we have been. Your gut, intuition, feeling whatever you want to call it, knows something and is trying to tell you to listen up!

When we get these feelings of intuition and clarity that we need help its important to tune in for a few reasons. 1. You may not have the tools you need to help get you from where you are to where you're going. 2. It's important to listen to your inner voice no matter what. They are there to help guide you to your future. Always listen when you get a strong feeling that something either is, or is not ment for you. 3. When we start trusting ourselves and listening, we start intuitively moving towards our destiny.

Ok Got It, So Now What?

Now you could be asking yourself why don't I just meditate more or do some yoga or go out with some friends and blow off some steam like everyone else tells me to do? Well you can of course! You can even try going to therapy which I highly highly recommend!

What all of the things listed above do are valuable and important in their own right, but they don't get to the true need of emotional and spiritual release. When we have spent so much of our lives in front of the computer, TV, phones, at work, at school etc. we get detached from who we truly are and what we truly need. We've become so connected through technology that we've become so disconnected emotionally and spiritually.

Bonus sign you need an Energy Reset

6. If you feel Lost and Wondering without a Clear Sign from the Universe.

Life is confusing enough as it is without knowing where you're going or what you're doing. When we create goals and write out our 5 year plans, we visualize, dream and take those baby steps to get to that big moment we've worked so hard for. But once we're there, we feel lost again. You've achieved your goal, now what? When we work so hard to accomplish our big (or small) dreams, what do we do after? What if we're not sure what new goals to make? We think "I've got what I wanted, why does it still feel like its not enough?"

There are times in our lives where we need an intervention. Either by our choosing or someone else's. Those moments of clarity and truth are what bring us to the next level of our evolution and insight. Do not be afraid of what you uncover. All the hidden, scary parts of us are just as much of us as we are of them. We must not hide from our fears and traumas but confront them and find out what we're still holding onto that can be let go.

In these moments of uncertainty and aimless searching its ok to ask for help and find. It is in these moments of surrender we open ourselves to limitless possibilities.

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